When we met, we saw a lot of seemingly differences between us.


Evi had a lot of relationships which enriched her all in a specific way on her (spiritual) path.

For her, sexuality was open and conscious, tantric inspired.

She was (and still is ) a mother of two kids, who are spending more time with their father after co-parenting them for five years, while she was guiding groups over Europe.


Matthias walked his life alone for 39 years, transcending limitations through study, awareness and presence.

He never was in any romantic relationship, neither discovered any form of physical intimacy or sexuality.

An unwritten blank page.“I will fix him, just as all my other clients,” Evi thought, were it not that this man could not be tricked or manipulated in any way.


The journey that followed was one of patience, raw and honest communication and vulnerability as a heart opener.

A transformational process for Evi with humility, deep faith, loosing attachments as anchor. Discovering deep friendship and trust as baseline for intimacy.

Matthias was invited to step into his leadership, own his masculine power, set his boundaries, and pass through shame and guilt deeply rooted in his physical body.


Beyond the limitations, where all concepts disappear, we meet each other in love and unity.

Beyond the misbeliefs, we see how complementary we truly are.


Now we share our embodied wisdom with those who want to expand their relationship and grow into a fulfilling being together, while enjoying our continuous journey of growth.



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