Your own power and the power of your relationship are intertwined.

The more you are embracing and living your own potential or realness, the more your relationship can blossom in the true value hidden in the potential.

That is not always easy.

Often we drown in themes which are deeply rooted in our system. The will is there, but we don't know how.

Besides that, quiet often, we feel the potential and try to force it, so it doesn't get enough breathing space to emerge by itself. 

This creates tension fields that feel like control, coercion and manipulation. 

This online training is intended for anyone who really wants to connect with himself and with his or her partner, from sincerity and awareness.

Central are openness, love, intimacy, communication and the real qualities of it. 

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  • 7 weeks in depth with each other

  • A Facebook community 

  • Connections with like minded people to share your experiences and knowledge. 

  • Weekly Zoom call with Evi and Matthias around a certain theme where there is space for personal sharing. 

  • OPTIONAL: 1 hour private-consult with both of us (+ €110)

* the price is incl. 21% VAT for private individuals. If you want an invoice the amount is excl. 21% VAT.



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