In our work we support you with both masculine and feminine care:

A non 'boolshit' tolerance, cutting through your layers and misbeliefs. 

A non judgmental loving bedding where you are seen and loved as you are and where you are at right now.

non violent communication • expansion in consciousness • music • trauma release • connection with your own source• tantra • constellations • group dynamic • personal  attention • energy work • meditation • silence • visualisation 

More and more people feel that a 'standard relationship' is not serving them any more. The old paradigm and pattern of 'to have and to hold' is no longer nourishment for the soul.

People who are meeting each other, feel that they by choosing each other and travel together, empower each other in their growth.

They have keys who are fundamental for a conscious relationship of the new time.

And even with a strong connection on a soul level, the journey becomes heavy or the relationship ends, because of the seemingly unbridgeable differences and strong transformations.

It asks for a continuous being conscious to grow together towards your highest potential and the potential of the relationship.

Out of our own experience and transformed pain, we would love to share with all of you. 

We reach out as a source of inspiration, as support and guide in your own development. 

Also for us it stays a daily exercise and exploration, but for sure one which is becoming more playful and joyful, reminding each other of the radiating diamond we all are in essence. 

The core stays the connection with your authentic Self. Only by being true to yourSelf, you can be the unconditional present for you beloved one.

The unique combination of authentic disarming stories, empowering teachings and energy work

makes it possible:

to connect with people in depth,

to get to the core quickly

and produce effective change

with individuals and couples.

make contact with your true essence • masculine and feminine dynamics within the relationship • unraveling conditionings • father/mother themes • the beauty and strength of commitment

shame, guilt and other blockages and/or trauma • conscious love making • sexuality as spiritual catalyst • rediscovering intimacy (eye contact, really seeing the other, sharing vulnerability) • being completely present • conscious touch

the potential or calling of your connection • being at service for the collective

beyond conditioning • human design • living your blueprint • masculine and feminine energy • body consciousness • empowerment • the power of manifestation



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